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I'm in college now, not much time for this stuff, but I do have time for art, so here's my devart page, check it out if you want

also, waaaaaay back I joined a collab, the attack of the evil tv collab, my part is on my page, and its on crazylegz's profile

so yeah, I try to get time with flash in whenever I can, but mostly I work with illustrator an photoshop

OK here's my situation

2008-03-13 18:19:10 by Cartras

A. I'm working on 2 shorts for the collab flash Hikari42 started, check out her work it ruleZ with capital Z

B. I've also begun progress on the next Overlord Episode, The real episode 1, Overlord vs Melvin Underbelly, things are bound to be fuckin nasty!

3. This overlord is completely redone, from backgrounds to character models, except gnarl I felt like I drew him good enough the first time, maybe a few tweaks though.

Q. The insanity begins!

New Stuff!

2007-09-29 13:30:00 by Cartras

Hey everyone, I'm makin a flash to mock some stuff in RE: Extinction, and I'll be puttin em up on my site which you can get to from the link in my profile, where, I will put up a piece of the flash whenever its done in the page "The Randoms", and when its all done I'll jam em all together for a flash on Newgrounds

been a while

2007-09-01 21:04:38 by Cartras

hey sry I haven't given out the second episode of Overlord's day out (to anyone that cares) But I'm working on a side flash called "The 5 Characteristics of a hero" and it looks pretty good so far.

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2007-08-03 01:59:54 by Cartras

Hey there everyone I'm a new flash artist (zomg didnt see that comin), anyway as you can see I have two series in the works, the "Madness Crew" and "Overlord's day out". The Madness crew will be a spin off of my life with some of my friends, mind you it will be absolutely nothing like my life (hates paradoxes but likes loop holes) ??????????

Overlord's Day out is a series I thought up of as I played the kick ass Xbox360 game "Overlord". There were so many things in that game that just screamed at me saying "MAKE A PARODY OF ME!!!" so not denying the video games wish I began working on characters and backgrounds.

That's all I have to say right now, wish me luck on These projects if you happen to read this blog.

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